Sagada 2016 Part 1: Coda Bus Lines

So there I was, surfing the internet on my Iphone, trying to find ways to satisfy my wanderlust. It has just been two weeks, that I came back from Boracay but the summer heat in the city ignited my thrist to getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

I was thorn between joining a group for an Intro to Scuba Diving in Anilao, Batangas and a trek in Laguna to find a waterfall called Bukal. But on the last minute, I made a decision … I want to go back to the quaint little town of Sagada.

The last time I was in Sagada was December 2014 via the Baguio-Halsema Highway Route. I was intrigued by the direct route from Manila to Sagada offered by Coda Lines. And the fact that there would be a stopover at the Banawe Rice Terraces, was the deal breaker. So I booked on-line via, round trip tickets from Manila-Sagada-Manila.

The bus station of Coda Lines is located along E. Rodriguez Avenue, Quezon City just beside St. Luke’s Hospital. UPDATE: Coda Lines is now located at HM Transport in Aurora Blvd., along EDSA. The bus left exactly at 9:00 PM, Friday night. Travel time was 12 hours and consisted of four stopovers, including a stop at one of the viewpoints in Banaue for the rice terraces.

The bus of Coda Line was very comfortable. Ample leg space and the aircon was so cold.  You can ask for a blanket from the conductor if the cold becomes unbearable.

Here are photos of the bus:

At around 6:00 in the morning, the bus arrived in Banaue and made a stop at one of the viewpoints. It was not the best of the viewpoints, so I think I will need to schedule another trip to fully appreciate this man made wonder.



After 10 minutes, the bus proceeded to Sagada. Another 3 hours of travel.

Along the way, I marvelled at the magnificent view of the mountains.



After a long and butt numbing bus ride, I saw the busy town of Sagada. It was Saturday morning and the weekend flea market was there. After I registered at the Tourist Center, which is mandatory, I then proceeded to Kanip-aw Lodge where I will be staying.

To be continued….


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