Batad, Ifugao, Part 5: Batad Village

As expected, the trek going back from Tappiya can be compared to a man giving birth! It was soooooo hard and painful! But it was totally worth it.

The path leading to the Village entails passing thru the rice terraces itself. Balancing is a must.

Ifugao houses
basketball is very popular in the Philippines.


The simple life of the people of Batad is indeed admirable. They work hard on the rice fields everyday to have a bountiful harvest. The rice that is harvested is only for the consumption of the town, it is not sold to outsiders.


It was indeed a once in a lifetime experience to go to Batad and see its majestic rice terraces. Yes, it is very hard to go to this place. And I consider myself lucky to have been embraced by its culture even for a few days.


The next day, it was time to leave. And going back to Saddle Point was indeed more challenging. But hey, I was able to blog about my Batad experience…. I survived! 🙂


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  1. Jb Sanchez says:

    love your story of your visit to batad, thank you for visiting our country 🙂 been planning to come back (my first trip there was 10 years ago!) but this time on bikes from sagada, do you know if the trails from the batad saddle down to the village is passable by bike, even if we have to walk alongside the bikes at some parts?

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    1. edgywedgie says:

      The first half of the trail from saddle point is already cemented but after that it’s rough road. I think it would be very difficult to ride a bike on this trail. Specially when going back to saddle point. Possible but very difficult.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi! Love your blog! Did you go back to Manila after Batad? What’s the best time to go back? Thank you.


    1. edgywedgie says:

      From Batad, I went back to Banaue to catch the bus going back to Manila. The best time to visit Batad is during the summer months from March to early part of June, when the terraces is green.


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