Negros Oriental Part 2: Sulfur Vents, Red Rock Hot Spring, and Red Rock Waterfalls

The next day, at around 11:00am, my tour guide fetched me at Harold’s. But this time, we used an “easy ride” since he feared that it might rain again.

My ride! hahaha


We proceeded to the town of Valencia. The trip lasted for an hour and along the way, we stopped at the sulfur vents of Valencia. It is located along the main road, and the area smelled of rotten eggs but tolerable and it was hot.

The perimeter fence at the sulphur vents was gigantic.


We then proceeded to the red rock hot springs, and I was the only one that time. Entrance fee was P30 if I remember correctly. The water smelled rusty and it was very hard to open my eyes underwater. It is because of the sulfuric content of the water.

The source of the hot spring
All mine
The water was fine. Not too hot, just enough to sooth my aching muscles.


From this point, me and my guide had a miscommunication, I told him that I wanted to go to the waterfalls near the hot spring. But we ended up going to another town, he thought that I was referring to Casaroro Falls, which took about an hour of travelling rough roads. Blame language barrier, oh well, in short we reached the waterfalls that I originally had in mind… the Red Rock Waterfalls, which was just beside the hot spring… hahaha!

There are actually two waterfalls, the one on the left upon entering the place is the Red Rock and the one on right is a smaller waterfalls.

Also due to the sulfur content, this waterfalls is unique because the bed rock is rust in color and the rock formation was chiseled by nature.


Unique color and formation of the rocks



The other waterfall is more conducive to swimming.

the other waterfalls




After a half day tour, I decided to call it a day and go back to the hostel. I needed to wake up early for the Apo Island tour…. Finally, I will be able to swim with the turtles!

Btw, the half day tour amounted to P700, less than the previous tour to the twin lakes.



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