Cebu: Sardine Run and Canyoneering

After going to Palawan, Alexis informed me that they will be going to Moalboal in Cebu. Moalboal is known for its sardine run. While the town of Alegria, which is just less than an hour away, is famous for canyoneering. I decided to come and join them.

We synchronized our respective flights and we met at Mactan International Airport in Cebu City.  We stayed overnight in Sugbutel near the pier since it was already late to proceed to Moalboal. In the morning we went to the South Bus Terminal. We rode a taxi which lasted less than an hour. At the terminal, I searched for the Ceres Bus Line that goes to Bato via Barili. Ceres is located at the back part of the terminal. There are two kinds of buses, the non-aircon and the airconditioned ones. We boarded the non-aircon, since it was the first one to arrive. Fare was P135. The trip lasted for three hours and we alighted at the bus stop in Moalboal. We then took a tricycle to go to Panagsama Beach, where the famous sardine run can be found.

We stayed at a hostel called Chief Mau. It’s a farely new hostel around the area but it was clean and had a chill vibe. One bed in a mixed dorm costs us P400 each. Here are some photos:

That night we had dinner at a place called Chili Bar. Pizza was great and the place turned into one big party place as the night progress. Yes, we got drunk!

The next morning we went to the beach and saw the sardine run. Just a few meters from the beach, you could already see the thousands of sardines swimming. We only did snorkelling but the spectacular scene of the sardines doing “synchronized swimming” can be clearly seen. Here are some photos –


wall of sardines
One move and they all swim in one direction




The next day we went to do the canyoneering in Alegria. Doing this was never on my bucketlist for the simple reason that I never thought that I can survive it.

We got a tour package at one of the shops in Moalboal for P1,300 each. It included tour guides, habal-habal ride, helmet, aqua shoes, lifevest, lunch, and for the back and forth transportation in Moalboal.

One thing that blogs don’t tell you is that  – there is a 40 minute trek going to the first jump off point of the canyoneering. And it was not that easy. Some parts were steep and muddy at the time we were there.

The activity lasted for almost 5 hours. It was indeed an adventure. I think the trail involved 6 or 7 jumps, the highest being 30 feet! I completed all of them! hahaha!

In one of the highest jump, I almost had a heart attack not because it was nerve racking, but because my GoPro fell from my hand when I did the jump… That story needs a separate blog entry  hahaha !

Here are some photos –

Getting ready
First stop. Registration and signing of the waiver
Prior to the 30 feet jump
Don’t think, just jump!
The water was so cold btw
Rewarded with this view of Kawasan at the end of the canyoneering
view going back


We then rested early to catch our respective flights the next day. I was to return to Manila while Alexis’ group went to Siargao, which is the next item to be crossed off my bucketlist later this month… and I can’t wait!



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